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    Tallinn Suitsupääsupesa Preschool is the successor of Tallinn 125 Children’s Daycare. The preschool was opened in 1968 as an departmental preschool for the children of  the employees of Tallinn Bus Park. The preschool was built for 140 children, 6 groups. The number of children was varied over the years reaching the maximum number of 157 children in 1979 and minimum of 40-50 children in the 1980-s.

    • 1967-1980 the preschool was directed by Mrs. Hildegard Vimmsaare
    • 1980-2002 the preschool was directed by Mrs. Viivi Rüüt
    • from 2002 the preschool is directed by Mrs. Triin  Andreas
    ■From 1982 to 1992 the 1st grade of the 20th Secondary School of Tallinn was operated in the Preschool.
    ■From 1993 to 2005 the preschool composed of 5 groups, one of the rooms was used as a canteen.
    ■From 1993 the preschool has operated under the subordination of the Tallinn City Government Educational Department.
    ■On the 8th of December 1999  Tallinn 125 Children’s Daycare was renamed to Tallinn Suitsupääsupesa Preschool.
    ■From the 1st of March 2000 the Educational Department of Tallinn City Government was liquidated and the preschool was placed under the subordination of Tallin Education Department.
    ■In 2005 the nursery was reopened. The preschool is once again operating with 6 groups.


    The webpage is administered by:
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